Saturday, September 4: Who is a Feminist?

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Saturday September 4th, 2010

2 o’clock pm

Who is a Feminist?

Since the term “feminist” was first used during the late 19th century suffrage movement, advocates have debated the term’s deeper meanings and implications.

As the first scheduled event in our Governors Island rendition of A Feminist Tea Party, we will begin our discussion with the subject that provoked our title: The Tea Party Protests. Over the past few months, a number of articles have suggested that the “Beck/Palin” Tea Party Movement is a feminist movement. While potentially resurrecting acceptance of “feminist” as an acceptable identification in the mainstream, how does this affect those of us who consider the Tea Party’s rhetoric anti-feminist or sometimes misogynistic?

We want to make our series a space for open and accepting dialogue, for example, including men in all of our discussion groups, and fostering an environment where all opinions are welcome.  Does this require us to accept any definition of feminism?

Please join us for this discussion regardless of your political persuasion or whether you identify as feminist.

Governors Island

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A Feminist Tea Party is coming to Governors island for the month of September!

Along with almost one hundred artists from around the world, we have been given a space in living quarters on the island in which to build our installation our host events. Built in the early 1900’s, the apartments have been empty since 1996.

The 4heads art fair is open each Saturday and Sunday in September. We will be holding a variety of events each day at 2pm. We are excited to announce we will be co-hosting events with several people from the feminist community.

More details to come!

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