Do Feminists Like Sex?

September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, yes and no, if Christine O’Donnell, the Sarah Palin of the moment, has anything to say about it.  Although we did not get into the finer points of Tea Party feminism this weekend, we did talk a lot about sex.

The question “do feminists like sex?” though posed in jest, provoked serious discussion.  Diane Dwyer introduced Sunday’s topic, which elicited a wide range of responses from the emphatic “yes” to curious pauses.  The conversation held us for nearly four hours (and it likely would have continued longer had we not had to catch the last ferry off the Island).  The role of media imagery in shaping children’s attitudes toward sex was a particularly pregnant topic.

We also discussed fetishes, fantasy, fashion, and desire.  And, although they’ve been in the news all week, we unfortunately did not get around to discussing witchcraft or masturbation.  Sorry, Christine.  But there’s always next weekend…

Special thanks to Diane Dwyer, our co-host, and to all who visited us at the Island this weekend.  We’d love to have you in for a cup of tea again.

Diane Dwyer, A Feminist Tea Party, Do Feminists Like Sex? Suzanne Stroebe, Caitlin Rueter

Diane Dwyer, Suzanne Stroebe, Caitlin Rueter, A Feminist Tea Party, Governors Island, Do Feminists Like Sex

Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky…

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last weekend, the second of our Tea Party, brought stormy weather to Governors Island. We listened to Billie Holliday, pondered Lady Gaga, and watched the rain fall.

Our Sunday co-host, Adrienne Reynolds, led a fantastic discussion of gender, sexuality, and feminism. The writings of James Baldwin and Judith Butler kicked off the discussion. We ended the day on a lighter but more personal note, playing a parlor game. New faces, return guests, and old friends shared intimacies and insights as we each probed our conceptions of femininity, masculinity, strength, weakness, and power.

Thank you to those who shared with us this weekend, and a special thanks to Adrienne. We’re looking forward to finding what the weather brings us next…

judith butler, adrienne reynolds, a feminist tea party, suzanne stroebe, caitlin rueter

participatory democracy, with cream and sugar

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Our first weekend at Governors Island exceeded our expectations.  It was heartening to talk about the world through a feminist lens with a wide range of men and women: women who are our grandmother’s age,  second wave feminists who told us stories of their experiences in Consciousness Raising groups, business professionals, artists, middle and high school aged students.

Throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday, we had several casual conversations in our parlor with guests over tea, cupcakes and feminist literature. The more formal conversations held at 2 o’clock each day were lively, at times heated, but always full of respect and humor.

Thank you to everyone who visited A Feminist Tea Party last weekend.

A Feminist Tea Party, Governors Island, September 5, 2010

A Feminist Tea Party, Governors Island, Suzanne Stroebe, Caitlin Rueter

A Feminist Tea Party, Governors Island, Suzanne Stroebe, Caitlin Rueter

A Feminist Tea Party, Governors Island, Suzanne Stroebe, Caitlin Rueter

A Feminist Tea Party, Governors Island, Suzanne Stroebe, Caitlin Rueter

A Feminist Tea Party, Governors Island, Suzanne Stroebe, Caitlin Rueter

Sunday, September 5: Feminism in the news.

September 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Is feminism everywhere?  Is feminism nowhere?  What does the news have to say about feminism?  What should the news say about feminism?  What should feminism say about the news?

At our second event, we will view current events from a feminist perspective. Feel free to bring topics of discussion, newspaper clippings, etc.

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