Cupcakes, Collectives and Collaboration

February 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

As we sat in front of a sea of friendly new acquaintances at the College Art Association conference on Thursday, we spotted a familiar face toward the back of the crowd. Long-time mentor Lenore Malen flashed us a big encouraging smile, holding up her fist in solidarity.

Last week we brought A Feminist Tea Party to the annual CAA conference, hosting Ask Me, I will Tell

We had a much larger audience at this event than our usual intimate gatherings of twenty-or-so. This event was also different as it took place within the context of a panel discussion, moderated by Yulia Tikhonova, on the topic of activist collectives. We joined Elaine Kaufmann and Danielle Mysliwiec of The Brainstormers, Lauren Denitzio of For the Birds and Petruska Bazin of The Laundromat Project. Panelists discussed their projects, how their activism manifests in their collectives, the impact that these projects have on community and how they reconcile their collaborative art making/political art making with their sometimes less political individual practices.

Sponsored by Women’s Caucus for Art’s LIVEspace, this event was the first time that A Feminist Tea Party has found itself before an audience that was so overwhelmingly supportive of a feminist agenda. We were warmly welcomed by a group that ranged from early second-wavers to fresh-faced college students, who have recently established their own YWC chapter.

On Friday morning we were excited to find Mira Schor’s thoughtful and encouraging review of our event in the Huffington Post. We’re looking forward to seeing how increased exposure to our project in new and diverse venues will shape events to come.  Thanks to all of you who joined us this week.  See you all at The NYFA Gallery in April.

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