Sacred Nipples: A Feminist Video Screening and Group Discussion

March 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Go! Push Pops and Anne Sherwood Pundyk will be hosting a program of videos, performances and a group discussion with the audience on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at The Last Brucennial exhibition space:

837 Washington Street, New York, NY.

3:00 to 4:00 – video screening with works by:  Melanie BonajoBianca ButtiKatie CerconeGo! Push Pops; Ariel Hahn; Elisa Garcia de la Huerta; Greem Jellyfish; Nika Kaiser; and Anne Sherwood Pundyk 

4:00 to 6:00- discussion with Suzanne Stroebe and Caitlin Rueter of A Feminist Tea PartyKara L. Rooney and the other artists.

Shak-Tea Party at Momenta Art

November 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

We are thrilled to collaborate with the Go! Push Pops in co-hosting a Shak-Tea Party at Momenta Art.  We’ve admired the  work of the Push Pops for a long time, and welcome the opportunity to push AFTP in a new direction through collaboration.

Please join us for tea, healthy homemade snacks, white tantric meditation and discussion of herbalism/foraging led by Katie and Elisa of the Push Pops, and a few moments honoring the act of listening that we will lead near the end of the event.

This event is in conjunction with Nu Age Hustle, a group exhibition curated by Katie Cercone.momenta art, go push pops, go!pushpops, katie cercone, elisa huerta, suzanne stroebe, caitlin rueter, a feminist tea party, momenta gallery, bushwick, feminist art, feminist collaboration, feminist performance art, participatory event, tea

Works on Paper

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We made these collaborative works on paper as thank-you gifts for friends who donated furniture for our set at O’Born Contemporary:

AFTP at OBC gift_01large

AFTP at OBC gift_02large

AFTP at OBC gift_03large

AFTP at OBC gift_04large

AFTP at OBC gift_05large

AFTP at OBC gift_06large

AFTP at OBC gift_08large

Straddling the 49th at O’Born Contemporary

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Thanks to O’Born Contemporary for a fantastic time in Toronto in June!  Thanks to our co-hosts, Allyson Mitchell, Deirdre Logue, Kirstin Dane, and Andil Gosine for riveting conversation.  A very special thanks to OBC Associate Director, Rachel Anne Farquharson, for her incredible support and always thoughtful contribution.   Here are a few photos courtesy of the gallery:





Straddling the 49th

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We’re headed to Toronto!  We’ll be at O’Born Contemporary from June 14th to 16th.

We will be greeting guests for tea, sweets, and conversation about feminism throughout the exhibition. Allyson Mitchell, Deirdre Logue, Kirstin Dane and Andil Gosine be our co-hosts, each joining us for an hour or so throughout our residency.  Please see the gallery website for a full press release and a complete schedule of events and co-hosts.

Guests are invited to stop by and join the conversation for just a moment, or for the duration of our day.  Come and go as you please.

As always, everyone is welcome regardless of your gender, your political persuasion, or whether you identify as feminist.

We hope to see you there!


Coming to Toronto

April 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Toronto friends…

We’re bringing A Feminist Tea Party: Straddling the 49th to Toronto as a part of O’Born Contemporary’s auxiliary programming in June and we’re hoping for your help.  We need to borrow/scavenge old furniture to build the exhibition’s “set.”  The installation will be up from June 14th to June 16th and we will need furniture from June 12 until June 17.

We’re looking for things that one might find in a 1950’s parlour—the scruffier the better and no need for strict historical accuracy.  Here are some items that would be great:

arm chairs

other chairs

a small sofa

a couple of floor lamps

a carpet or two

a little bookshelf that can stand without wall support

a few tables (small or large, low or high)

anything else that will help us build our “home” in the gallery

If you have anything that you are able to contribute for the duration noted above, please contact us and we’ll arrange times to pick it up and return it to you:

Looking forward to seeing our old Canadian friends and making lots of new ones!

Artscape Baltimore

July 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artscape Baltimore was a blast! Many, many guests from Baltimore and beyond joined us for iced tea, watermelon, and conversation despite the rainy weather.

In this newest iteration of AFTP, Girl Show!, we greeted visitors as the bearded lady and the tattooed lady inside our installation of a 1930s era roadside attraction. We invited guests to play our game of feminist trivia and awarded handmade portraits of figures from feminist history as prizes.

Our beautiful costumes, made by designer Katja Andreiev, were based on two women: Artoria Gibbons, the tattooed lady, and Annie Jones, the bearded lady, both of whom  worked in sideshows and carnivals most of their lives. While many people today assume they were exploited by their employers, both women were financially independent in a time when there were very few job opportunities for women. They also traveled the country and the world, and used their fame to speak out against the use of the words “freaks” or “monstrosities” to describe sideshow stars.

We want to thank everyone who made our event possible: Sean Naftel and Chris Attenborough, jurors for Artscape, Jim Lucio, Visual Arts Coordinator for Artscape, Katja Andreiev, costume designer, and artist Diane Dwyer, who pretty much helped us with everything, all weekend.

For more images, see our Facebook Page

a feminist tea party, the bearded lady, artscape baltimore, girl show, tattooed lady, baltimore, suzanne stroebe, caitlin rueter, feminist trivia

a feminist tea party, AFTP, tattooed lady, bearded lady, artscape baltimore, girl show, sideshow, feminist trivia, artoria gibbons

two of the portraits that were awarded to winners of our feminist trivia game

tattooed lady, bearded lady, artscape baltimore, a feminist tea party, AFTP, caitlin rueter, suzanne stroebe, side show, feminist triviagirl show, a feminist tea party, feminist trivia, tattooed lady, bearded lady, artscape baltimore


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